Binghamton University Art & Design

August 21, 2018

Project 1: Postcard Design

For this project we were asked to make a postcard that reflects our intention for the class and for the future. I have aspirations of graduating this semester and moving to New York City, hence my direction towards a New York postcard. The image on the back of the postcard in the New York skyline silouette is one that I took myself this past summer. After I created this one I had an idea of creating other cities with a similar theme.

February 28, 2019

Project 2: Line Icon Design

For this project we were asked to make a scalable, line based icon that fits how we see ourself as a designers. I chose a cat because for my entire life I have been intrigued by cats and their features. I wanted to experiment with how simplified the face of a cat could be in line icon form.

March 28, 2019

Project 3: Editorial Design

Mental health issues a huge challenge for NCAA in regard to student athletes

For this project we were asked to create a series of editorial illustrations based on an article. I chose to base my illustrations on an article about student athlete mental health entitled "Mental health issues a huge challenge for NCAA in regard to student-athletes". Although the article was about all athletes, I wanted to base my illustrations on just female student athletes. It is a topic that is close to my heart and important to me, so I figured I would go one step further and create a mock campaign aimed at spreading awarseness of the problems that exist amongst female college athletes and giving a sense of community as well.

March 28, 2019

Project 4: UX Design

For this project we were asked to evaluate a current Binghamton University website. My group chose to do the Binghamton University Art & Design website because of our familiarity with the page. After surveying both faculty and students, we found that the pain problems with the user experience of the webpage were the time it took to do a simple task, vague information, accessibility to simple pages, and the visual appeal of the site with regard to the Binghamton University webpage template. After laying out the original site as a simple sitemap and wireframe, we created 3 hypothetical user profiles to demonstrate who would go to the site, what they would be feeling, what pain points they would have, and the timeline of their events. Then, we created an updated sitemap and wireframe based on the pain points that were made apparent in our previous research. Without going too much off of the University's template, we were able to simplify the site to be more accessible for simple tasks for prosepective students, current students and faculty. In addition, we came up with some ideas for information and activities that are not included on the site and should be to maximize the overall user experience design.